Welcome to The HOPE Method (Helping Oncology Patients Esthetically). The HOPE Method is a corrective makeup approach which has been part of a scientific study and presented as part of a best new practice to the Association of Oncology Social Workers. (Link)

"The mission of The HOPE Method is to offer education for makeup artists, estheticians, medical estheticians, and cosmetologists, on how to use cosmetics to address changes in appearance that occur in persons undergoing treatment for cancer, other illnesses or injuries, or changes occurring from elective, congenital, or traumatic events.

If you are a professional interested in making a difference with cosmetics we invite you to enroll in The HOPE Method training.

The HOPE Method where teaching is learning and giving is receiving.

What does it mean to be a HOPE Method Artist? 

A HOPE Method Artist...

• Choses HOPE
• Creates balance
• Enhances quality of life.
• Expresses positivity
• Sees beauty in everyone 

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The HOPE Method Training is an approved course by the International Society Oncology Estheticians.