Welcome to The HOPE Method (Helping Oncology Patients Esthetically)! "The mission of The HOPE Method is to offer education for makeup artists, estheticians, medical estheticians, and hairdressers, on how to address the changes in appearance that occur in persons undergoing treatment for cancer or other illnesses or injuries. Whether these changes have occurred from elective, congenital, or traumatic events, The HOPE Method trainings have something for any professional interested in making a difference in the lives of persons with esthetic needs.

The trainings educate professionals on how corrective makeup techniques can neutralize unwanted side effects by improving physical appearance and quality of life. Courses cover a variety of topics including addressing facial hair, hair loss, resolving treatment-related skin issues, and selecting and caring for a wig. For many, injury or illness, like cancer, is a life-changing event that presents many challenges.  These changes may affect more than one's health; examples being career, home life, financial stability and more. Additionally for many with cancer, treatment may significantly impact physical appearance. With proper training, esthetic professionals can positively address such challenges by providing the tools to neutralize these changes and help increase self-esteem.

As esthetic professionals you have already embarked on a path to improve people's lives through cosmetic services. We invite you to take your commitment to the next level by enrolling in The HOPE Method training.

“The HOPE Method where teaching is learning and giving is receiving”

The HOPE Method Training is an approved course by the International Society Oncology Estheticians.