Corrective Makeup, Ethnicity and Cultural Diversity

Corrective makeup defined

For makeup artists, the skin is our canvas. Corrective makeup is one of our art forms, by using cosmetics to address one’s appearance-related concerns. These concerns can range from a temporary blemish, to a more lasting scar.  Corrective makeup techniques can be subtle, so as not to look like one has on makeup at all. Or, techniques can be more significant; so one can look glamorous while areas of concern go unnoticed.  Using cosmetics to address these factors can help restore one’s sense of self, enabling them to resume daily activities at work, school or home with more confidence.

My background and perspective

In my 25-plus years working as a hair and makeup artist, I have worked in a wide variety of settings. I’ve provided corrective makeup in media settings like advertising, and medical settings such as university hospitals. Through all my work experiences, I have had the opportunity to work with men and women with very diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.

"As a makeup artist, diversity is not only celebrated, it is sought after."

How corrective makeup can support cultural diversity.

Through my work with the nonprofit Suite HOPE (Helping Oncology Patients Esthetically), I frequently use corrective makeup techniques to help women recreate the appearance of eyebrows that have shed due to chemotherapy. Some of these women, say as a matter of their cultural beliefs, have never worn makeup. Honoring one’s beliefs about makeup while teaching them ways to look natural and more like themselves during treatment helps restore both privacy and confidence.

The key

Sometimes the goal is for my work to go unnoticed. This may be due to cultural beliefs, gender orientation or a simple desire to look like oneself free of makeup. For whatever the reason, there are many different ways to provide support through corrective makeup. The goal is to do this in a way that will help neutralize one’s concerns and support their position on makeup.


Corrective makeup provides a diverse range of techniques to support both cosmetic and cultural concerns. Finding the right techniques to address these concerns is key to restoring one’s sense of self, enabling daily life to resume naturally and confidently.

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