Feedback from the Teachers Training

"Vielen, vielen Dank das du uns unterrichtet hast in der H.O.P.E. Methode. Es war sehr schön zu erfahren wie du alle Tips und Tricks mit uns geteilt hast, was meiner Erfahrung nach sicherlich nicht üblich ist in der Welt der Make Up Artists! Deine Geduld, Offenheit und dein Mitgefühl für Krebs-­Patientinnen haben mich sehr beindruckt. Es geht offensichtlich nicht "nur" um Make Up. Es sind soviele Emotionen betroffen. Es hat mir den Augen und das Herz noch stärker geöffnet und dieser Erfahrungen werden mich auch weiterhin inspirieren."

Annemarie Puppe - Ödemtherapeut

"When I invest in education & training, the fact that the trainer must know their material is obviously a given.  But in order for it to be a successful learning experience and outcome for me, not only does the trainer/educator have to be knowledgeable and experienced in their field, it is crucial that s/he also have good instructional skills.  Jeanna Doyle has all of it.  Given that our subject matter was make-up, we could have generally gabbed about that for days as you can imagine, but Jeanna never lost site of our subject matter.  She consistently brought us back to the heart of the training, relating what we were learning and tying it in to cancer patients/clients and their special skin and psychosocial issues. We had a nice balance of theory, hands-on practical and anecdotal stories.   Her techniques, the tips, the tricks are "tried and true" and can be applied to any person who choses to wear make-up.  I learned a lot"! 

Vivian Walwyn,  Vancouver, Canada - Licensed Esthetician, Oncology Esthetician

"Even though I have been a makeup artist for many years, we had students in the class that had never worked with makeup, and we all easily learned some new techniques and tips to help the client that is experiencing cancer really feel better about the way they look. It was a fabulous class!"

Becky Kuehn, LE, COE, CMLD, CSE, HC, COS

"Questo corso di trucco correttivo per le pazienti oncologiche, ha soddisfatto pienamente  le mie aspettative professionali. Alla fine del corso ero cosi stimolata ad appilcare tutti gli insegnamenti che ho ricevuto in quei tre giorni . L' insegnante e' stata veramente esauriente e' sono stata colpita dalla sua esperienza professionale e dalla sua passione nel trasmettere  il grinta e la sicurezza di usare da subito, le nozioni ricevute nella mia realta' lavorativa. Con il trucco correttivo, nell' Oncologia estetica, L' estetica  aquista un'avanzata professionailta' e una solida credibilita', dove le clienti possono ricevere alta professionalita', e le estetiste possono sviluppare e costruire una sempre piu' nuova professionalita'."

Luisa Gullace, OE

"Jeanna Doyle is an inspiration.  She teaches with such care, passion, and true dedication.  I have learned so much from the class, and am so lucky to have been part of such a wonderful learning experience.  In the Corrective Airbrush for Oncology Patients class, I learned how to comfort and soothe my patients skin and minds, as well as professional tips for caring for an airbrush machine the correct way (something I had always been scared to go near) but now have the confidence and knowledge to help a very needing niche of esthetics.  I can't wait to take the follow up Corrective II and 2.0 classes! Thank you for your professionalism and for sharing your passion with me."

Kerry Kourie, OE

"The Hope Method has brought a welcomed addition to my work with Oncology Patients. The skills I learned have taken my services to the next level, allowing my guests to truly feel that their femininity has returned. It has been a very rewarding experience to see the warm smiles looking back from the mirror as I share what I have done. Jeanna is a warm and knowledgeable hands-on instructor and the techniques are cutting edge and easy to learn ."

Drew Flanagan, OE